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She can get you a Lambo with crypto coins

A Lamborghini epitomizes the dream wealth for many crypto owners. The rise of cryptocurrencies has seen many turn to overnight millionaires and with the new found wealth, many crypto owners seem to always desire one thing, a Lamborghini at least if popular trends on crypto forums are to be believed. While this is just a distant fantasy for many, one woman has made it her job to bring this dream to reality for crypto investors. She can actually get you a Lambo with crypto coins.

The lady who is making this possible is Elizabeth White who decided to leverage her connections with hedge funds and the racecar industry to turn this dream into reality for crypto owners. She says the idea came to her last year when she saw the hashtag #whenlambo trending on crypto forums.

There is a lot of wealth in the cryptocurrency space but it’s not always easy to transform virtual wealth into real-world assets. For starters there are the daily transfer limits on exchanges, punishing transaction fees and the general volatility of the crypto coins themselves which makes converting crypto into fiat difficult.

White says:

“There’s so much new wealth in the cryptocurrency community. Cars seem to be a big seller because it establishes you as a cryptocurrency holder.”

White can facilitate a deal for a Lambo or any other luxury car in exchange for cryptos in a matter of days. Her process starts off with chats on Telegram, a secure messaging app.

“We had a very large sale to a buyer in China from a seller in California for a $4 million car. The negotiation was very quick. It took less than a week and the settlement took about 30 minutes.”

She adds that her company “the White Company” has the ability to handle fast-paced deals involving fiat and crypto because of the liquidity of Apis Capital Management, the hedge fund she works with.

So, if you own some digital coins and you would like to own a luxury car, then Elizabeth White can get you a Lambo with crypto coins.

Are you a crypto owner? Are obsessed with owning a Lambo one day? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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