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6 major partnerships that have shaped the Stellar blockchain

Stellar strives to occupy a superior seat in the race against who, between it and ripple is best suited for domestic and cross-border money transfer operations.

Both platforms have an equal right of occupying the top seat since they both have had a fair share of adoption by financial institutions around the world.

But on this post, we shall look at 6 major partnerships that have shaped the Stellar platform. These partnerships also have the power to cast a positive light on the price of XLM, Steller’s native coin.

  1.  Shift Markets

Shift Markets helps in taking a brokerage or a virtual currency exchange off the ground. it is offering its services to more than sixty digital currency exchanges around the world.

SHIFT partnered with Lightyear to help it unlock the power of Stellar technology. With SHIFT concentrating on offering its services to those in the emerging markets, XLM will have a head start in these areas.

Lightyear’s director of sales and partnerships, Paul Arnautoff, said that:

“With new on-ramps and off-ramps for fiat to virtual currency, the Stellar network continues to expand its mission of financial inclusion and reducing friction in cross-border payments.”

  1. Partnership with stripe


With approximately 100K businesses under its customer base, Stripe, a payment platform, partnered with Stellar Lumens by way of investment.

Stripe poured in 3 million U.S dollars into Stellar which was equivalent to two billion XLM. Additionally, Stripe has the intention of incorporating the XLM coin on its payment platform. This is because XLM has faster transaction speeds and lower transaction fees.

XLM being introduced to 100,000 business is a real boost to the price of XLM. The platform will also get a dose of credibility leading to higher adoptions.

  1. IBM and the Australian government

IBM is known for its cutting-edge cloud computing solutions all over the globe.  IBM, which is Stellar’s strategic partner, has been contracted by the Australian government to use the power of the distributed ledger technology for an e-government solution.

Since IBM and XLM’s platform are partners, it will, without doubt, use the Stellar blockchain. After a blockchained e-government, artificial intelligence (AI) will be next in line.

The Australian government is considering to use the partnership between IBM and Stellar to run its social security welfare. Another credibility point for the platform.

  1. Partnership with Deloitte for affordable payments


Deloitte, a leading professional services provider in the globe, tapped the power of Stellar’s DLT for international payments. The technology was integrated into Deloitte’s Digital Bank to enhances instant payments.

The bank serves both individual consumers and businesses. Consumers use a mobile app from where they open an account by scanning their driver’s license. Businesses access Deloitte Digital Bank by using a web portal which has full functionality. Transaction on the Stellar platform commits within five seconds.

  1. Smartlands partners with Colliers International

The real estate sector is growing in leaps and bounds attracting heavy investors. Tokenization of this sector can be a major achievement especially to the blockchain platform being used.

Smartlands, which specializes with issuing tokenized tokens on the Stellar platform, has partnered with Colliers International, a global real estate establishment. Smartlands will help Colliers use Stellar’s technology to tokenize real estate properties.

“Creating liquidity for a property of any kind was always the main challenge for real estate industry. Also, legacy finance institutions rule the real estate space with an iron fist and are showing very little willingness to let up the pressure, adopt new technologies and embrace the Zeitgeist,” said Arnoldas Nauseda, CEO, Smartlands

  1. The partnership


In mid-October 2018, Stellar partnered with Pioneer, a startup that aims at searching for the ‘Lost Einsteins’ around the world.

The search is conducted as a monthly competition which runs online in the form of a game. Since participants are scattered all over the world with only the internet to bring them together, sending small amounts of money to winners across the borders becomes a challenge. This has given birth to the partnership.

Pioneer, which is based in Israel, said that:

“As we grow, a surprising challenge we face is getting money to our Pioneers. Turns out sending small amounts of money around the world is hard. Which is why we’re really excited about our new partnership with Stellar.”

Winners will be rewarded in crypto, XLM coin, which will be faster and cheaper than being paid in dollars.

In conclusion, the above are just a few partnerships that Stellar has entered into in the recent past. Some may already be sending positive signals towards the price of XLM while others are yet to do so.


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