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Best cryptocurrency: Coins to watch out for in 2019

2017 and 2018 have been very wild years for cryptocurrencies. In 2017, we saw cryptocurrencies rise over 15,000 times while in 2018, we saw some of those cryptocurrencies drop back with some even losing more than they gained before the bull run. In this section, we will be reviewing our pick for best cryptocurrency to watch out for in 2019. Before we start, we will like to give you an overview of top gainers in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Best cryptocurrency 2017

In 2017, the best cryptocurrency in terms of gains was Ripple which rose over 36,000%. Other cryptocurrencies that saw significant growth include NEM 29,842%, Ardor 16,809%, Stellar 14,441%, Dash 9,265%, Ethereum 9,162%, Golem 8,434%, Binance Coin 8,061%, Litecoin 5,046%, OmiseGo 3,315% and Bitcoin 1,318%.

Best cryptocurrency 2018

As of writing time, Stellar coin is the best cryptocurrency of 2018 (outside Tether) in terms of gains. So far, the coin has only lost 52% from its starting price this year. A $1,000 investment in this coin at the start of the year will currently be worth about $476. I know a $524 lost may seem like a “joke on investment” given the increases we are used to within the cryptocurrency space. However, other coins have seen even worst sell-offs this year.

EOS for example has seen a -54% loss, Bitcoin -61%, Tron -68%, RaiBlocks -68%, Monero -68%,Ripple -80%, Ethereum -80%, Litecoin -83%, and Bitcoin cash 85%. 

With this in mind, we are going to make give an overview of our top pick for best cryptocurrency and other cryptocurrencies to watch out for as we walk into 2019. Our selection is based on both previous performances but also the project and its solution. Without further ado, let us dive right to our selection.

Cryptocurrencies to watch out for in 2019

Binance coin:

Binance coin is the cryptocurrency of the cryptocurrency exchange called Binance. The exchange is among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of liquidity. Binance coin is currently one of the better performing cryptocurrency as of 2018. The coin is currently the 14th cryptocurrency according to market cap and is currently trading at $6.85 as of press time. Till recently, it was the only coin trading in green with a gain of over 11% before losing much of the gains made.

Also, we believe it is a coin to watch out for in 2019 because the exchange is expected to grow in 2019 given the increase in cryptocurrency adoption we expect to see next year. As Binance coin is used within the exchange to get discount on trades, holders of this token stand to gain from this.

However, one thing to note about this coin is since it is linked to the Binance exchange, it risks losing value should the exchange witness a hack.


Ripple was the best cryptocurrency in terms of performance in 2017. The coin grew over 36,000% last year. Ripple has always been among the best performers since 2013. In 2013, it grew by over 359% while in 2016, it grew by 8%. The first reason we believe Ripple is a coin to watch out for in 2019 is the hundreds of partnerships it has with banks.

Many believe that 2019 is the year for institutional money pouring into the cryptocurrency space. Ripple, therefore, stands to be one of the top coins to benefit from this as it is deemed secure and government compliance in the eyes of investors.

However, most within the cryptocurrency space dislike Ripple given the fact that its XRP tokens are pre-mined and therefore believed to be highly centralized.


Our next best cryptocurrency for 2019 is Bitcoin. Being the first cryptocurrency created, many believe it will retain a position as the digital gold. Throughout last year and this year, Bitcoin has averaged on 50% share of the global market cap, something we believe will continue into 2019. This, therefore, means as the market expands, Bitcoin is also expected to grow. Also, it is by far the most popular cryptocurrency, this means a majority of first-time investors first get into the space via Bitcoin.

However, given the high volatility in its price, it has been declining in popularity among vendors. Nevertheless, Bitcoin’s price was stable for a very long time at around 6,500 euro per coin before the recent crash that has seen it just above $5,000.


Stellar like Ripple (XRP) is a coin designed to facilitate cross-border payment. The project is constantly working on developing and increasing its partnerships. The coin recently teamed up with IBM among several other well-known companies currently in partnership with the project. One of the reasons we have picked Stellar as a best cryptocurrency for 2019 is the possibility of it being listed on Coinbase.

Coinbase, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges is considering supporting the coin on their platform. The coin is also one of the best performing coins of 2018 so far and a price tag of $1 by 2019 is possible.

However, this coin could see steep competition from banks, the SWIFT system, and Ripple.

Stable coins:

An increasing trend among cryptocurrencies is stable coins. These are coins intended for solving the high volatility nature of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Stable coins are backed by other assets such as USD or Gold and move in the direction of these assets. Some of the most popular stable coins include; Tether, MakerDao, Havven. Given the recent sharp decline in most top cryptocurrencies, many turn to see stable coins as a safe haven for their coins due to their low volatility nature.

However, with stable coins such as Tether being highly centralized, they become unpopular among cryptocurrency lovers of decentralization. Also, many cryptocurrency investors are attracted by the potential to make money out of their investments due to their price volatility, it is therefore left to be seen how successful this trend will keep on in 2019.

These are our top picks for best cryptocurrency for 2019. What are your thoughts about them and is there any other coins you think we should add to the list? If so, let us know in the comment section below.

As a closing mark, please do more research into any cryptocurrency before investing and never invest more than you are willing to lose.


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