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Ripple rate may be grinding lower, Cryptocurrency investors have reasons to smile

At the time of writing, Ripple rate may be grinding lower. However, year 2018, cryptocurrency investors had a reason to smile as Ripple (XRP) stood out as a cryptocurrency project that has gained more traction than most.

Also, experts and analysts in the market see it becoming the king of Cryptocurrencies by displacing Bitcoin (BTC).

XRP infrastructure design that allows users to enact transactions in real-time, instead of through the traditional financial system which often takes days explains why the platform has already seen over 100 institutions adopt its technology and there are more joining by the day.

Ripple rate may be grinding lower, however, this could not be a great obstacle when it comes to establishing globally high-profile partnerships, and it appears as though that trend is only continuing.

The San-Francisco based Technology Company, founded in 2012, has had quite a year and recently has made some strategic partnerships with companies all around the world. For example, they have recently formed a partnership with multi-billion dollar Malaysian group.

Also, a top 10 U.S. bank, PNC, has also apparently seen the value in Ripple with regards to international payments. These moves have propelled XRP to becoming the second-largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, moving Ethereum to third place.

Ripple rate is low at the moment but it has parodied the inefficiency of banks in an advertisement that many in the cryptocurrency community have praised for its humor and insight.

In the Ad, a banker travels extensively, through all sorts of terrain, in order to directly deliver cash to another individual. The commercial also displayed the text: “Why is it possible to instantly send a message, but with payments, it’s sometimes faster to board a plane and fly it there yourself?” The advertisement is titled: “Faster Cross Border Payments Shouldn’t Require A Boarding Pass.”

The momentum doesn’t appear to be slowing for Ripple rate of adoption. Coinbase, one of the most well-known and influential companies in the cryptocurrency sector, and valued in the billions – is considering adding support for a “broad range of assets” – including Ripple.

What are your thoughts on Ripple rate of adoption? 


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