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Ripple has a new Philanthropic project called Ripple for Good

Project moves forward on Ripple

The Ripple firm in San Francisco is a Fintech based firm that has made huge growth in the global payment sector. The firm has announced that they will be a releasing a social impact initiative called “Ripple for Good”. The Ripple company is focused on committing more than $100 million to a development program and they will be determining the way the resources will be distributed.

Ripple is dedicated to the application and development of the Blockchain, it has multiple organizations and will make a social impact on society. The company has announced its University Blockchain Research Initiative that was back in July, Ripple plans on seeking partnerships with academics in the community in order to continue supporting technical innovations based on the Blockchain Technology.

The Ripple organization is ready for initiatives, that will help the financial system and individuals in developing countries to get access to the financial necessities. The traditional financial system is extremely inefficient when it comes to creating better economic wealth for individuals and their communities.

The global economy

Mr. Ken Weber, the head of social impact at Ripple, has provided some details on the project, explaining that the vision of the company is to base focus on the fact that this new technology can be used to help societies in many new ways. The technology and information must reach a broad range of people in order to push it further. The commitment of Ripple is to empower those individuals who are currently financially excluded from society. The Ripple for Good project will be in collaboration with the groundwork that Ripple works has laid out, and will build upon it. The Rippleworks has made significant progress since 2015 and has been working on more than 70 projects worldwide. These projects were co-founded by Ripple’s Chris Larsen and Doug Galen, which has already made a huge impact on Banks, Governments and other Financial Institutions.

The process of the Internet of Value

One of the ultimate goals of Ripple is to bring the internet of value to the financial markets. This means an era of accessibility and exchange of goods and services as easy as information can be today because of the internet. Ripple thinks firmly that the Blockchain can be used for money as much as the internet is used for information today.

This is a very ambitious goal of the company and Ripple is willing to push forward with these projects to achieve these global financial goals. Ripple has a great grip on the cryptocurrency market capitalization and is looking forward to much greater growth in the coming months and years.

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