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European Blockchain Foundation heads to the European parliament.

10 October 2018. EBF visiting the European Parliament Tomorrow October 11th.

The European Blockchain Foundation will visit the European Parliament to talk to a member of Parliament, Caroline Nagtegaal van Doorn from the Alde Group, about regulations regarding crowdfunding for companies that utilize blockchain technology.

Chairman of the EBF Bart Brands hopes that lawmakers will do more to even the playing field by making rules that could make it easier for companies to open a bank account.

“We hope to make clear that with big banks experimenting with blockchain technology themselves, they cannot restrict solid startups by refusing them a bank account only because they use blockchain technology.” Bart Brands, Chairman EBF.

The EBF isn’t going to Brussels alone but is bringing several companies that partner with the Foundation. Some of such  Companies include;

  • Cecil Alliance, working on a unique IoT, AI solution that could revolutionize Wildlife preservation.
  •  Tradebits an ecosystem creating a global payments system.

With these partners, the EBF will show real-life examples of real companies that encounter challenges and hope to provide solutions in hopes that lawmakers will take the opportunity to listen to implement regulations that can benefit Europe and its place in the global technology market.




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