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European Blockchain Foundation proposes a Dutch municipality pays its staff in Cryptocurrency

“Give the city of The Hague staff the opportunity to receive wages in cryptocurrencies” Bart Brands, European Blockchain Foundation Chairman.

Former council member, Chairman of the European Blockchain Foundation and cryptocurrency enthusiast Bart Brands wants the municipality of The Hague to investigate the possibility of paying the salaries of civil servants in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

Brands tells:

“Cryptocurrencies are quickly replacing the traditional banks and I believe that civil servants employed by the municipality should be given the choice to receive their wages in, for example, bitcoin”. In addition to the increasing number of stores that accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Brands also cites the disadvantages of the traditional banking system as a reason to give Hague officials the opportunity to be paid in ‘cryptos’. ”

Our banking system is a relic from the last century that probably will not even exist in a few years, it is expensive, slow and hopelessly old-fashioned and I want to give civil servants the opportunity to move with the municipality to the 21st century.”

According to Brands. Brands has been very enthusiastic about cryptos for some time and sees great added value in peer2peer applications where third parties as banks are removed from processes.

Brands continues:

“These applications reduce the dependence on large and often corrupt banks and bring an efficiency boost. A considerable number of companies in various countries now offer employees the opportunity to get paid in cryptocurrencies. The Japanese internet giant GMO, for example, has implemented this option not long ago.” “We can evolve now or stay behind forever.”



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