Cudo OS to implement Smart crypto Rig mining

The smart movement of crypto mining

According to a crypto mining software provider that goes by the name Cudo Miner, it will be launching a new software for cryptocurrency mining. The software provider announced it will be releasing a new operating system “CudoOS”.

The UK based company claims that this OS distribution will be used as bare-metal version while providing rig miners with the capability to quickly and easily set up new mining rigs or to recover a rig with mining issues through the use of a USB stick.

This operating system will be immediately ready for deployment for any selected rig and run through an external hard disk. Also, similar crypto mining software includeSimpleMining OS (SMOS) and HiveOS.

However, Cudo’s version of the software mining will be bringing some new ideas to mining hardware.

The platform will be including great features for CudoMiners to enjoy with standard interfaces for the user. This will also include the ability to overlock the users graphics card inside the application, while also being able to switch between cryptocurrencies in order to mine.

The software will also be able to offer mining software capabilities for users to get paid in multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, Grincoin and Ravencoin.

Many are very excited about Ravencoin and will now have the opportunity to mine it using this software following the current rise of the Ravencoin.

Reports indicate it has recently added support for Grin Coin with remote management for Cudo Miner through its website where all your mining activities can be controlled and managed.

Cudo brings mining to the masses

The Cudo platform was developed to be able to provide a more accurate calculation of estimated earnings. The platform aims to become one of the most accurate in the industry as this has been having a griping on the mining community for a long time now.

This inefficiency in mining services has been very disappointing with inflated earning figures for some miners.

According to comments coming from Pete Hill, Partnering director at Cudo Miner:

“We calculate earnings based on the valid shares received from the pool-side rather than the hashrate reported by the miner, making it the most accurate estimation of earnings.”

He later added that:

“Our community has stressed the importance of checking in on their rigs. CudoOS offers a new way for miners to quickly set up or rebuild their rigs with everything they need, allowing them to spend time doing things they enjoy more, like overclocking or following up on mining tips.”

The Cudo OS platform is based on Linux’s Ubuntu 18.04 software and is currently being used to mine. It also comes with AMD and NVIDIA GPU drivers pre-installed.

The image can be stored on a 4GB USB stick, which can be plugged into any Intel-based GPU mining rig in order to start mining immediately.

Miners interested in using the Cudo OS for their mining operations can download it from the Cudo Miner website. This version also includes all the features that will be released with Cudo Miner installer for Linux.

What are your thoughts on the developments of mining software for cryptocurrency mining? Feel free to leave a comment down below.


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