A U.S state is pushing for Bitcoin (BTC) miners to build their own power sources

Bitcoin (BTC) miners in the U.S state of Montana, specifically in Missoula County, may experience hard times ahead after the county proposed that they build their own power sources to drive their rigs.

Authorities in Missoula County are shocked to see that Bitcoin (BTC) miners located in Bonner, a town in the county, use electrical power equivalent to the one used by one-third of all household in Missoula County. Apart from the high power consumption, they also indirectly cause greenhouse-gas emissions which is against the county’s goal to minimize its contribution to climate change.

Now, at the start of next month, the Board of County Commissioners will formulate some new rules to be used by Bitcoin (BTC) miners and other cryptocurrency miners in Missoula County.

According to Missoulian, a local news outlet:

One of those [new rules] requires cryptocurrency operations to purchase new renewable energy to offset 100 percent of their meter consumption. They could either develop the new power source themselves, such as building solar panels or geothermal infrastructure or wind turbines, or buy into new renewable energy development.

Bitcoin(BTC) miners in the county will be required to use cooling fans that do not produce loud humming noises in a bid to comply with the set noise level regulations. They will also be required to recycle their electronic waste

The new draft rules also state that:

Electronic waste from cryptocurrency mining operations contains heavy metals and carcinogens that have the potential to damage human health, water quality, and air quality if not handled correctly.

Away from Montana, in Central Washington which is a region in the U.S state of Washington, Bitcoin (BTC) miners and other cryptocurrency operators with huge data centers have moved to court to protest a planned electric rate increase.

Authorities in Central Washington indicated that they will be tripling the electric rate in the course of three years a move that cryptocurrency miners said will cause them to shut down their operations.

Their lawyer told the court that:

[The miners] face immediate harm from the violations of their constitutional rights and the threat of bankruptcy from the Grant County Public Utility District extreme rate increases.

Do you think Bitcoin (BTC) miners are bound to make more profit with their own renewable power sources?

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