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Litecoin gains interest with the v0.16.2 release

Litecoin brings more reliable code to it protocol

An update was released for the Litecoin protocol today on the 8th of September named Litecoin Core v0.16.2, that will contain added features, some bugfixes, and improvement of performance. The update can also be found on the medium blog of the cryptocurrency.

This new update release was needed in order to fix a few major issues, like compatibility and miner Block size. However, users should still be on the lookout for bugs, regardless of the new update. The Litecoin Core is compatible with a number of operating systems like Windows Vista, Linux Kernel, macOS 10.8+. The Litecoin Core can work on the Unix systems but is not a guarantee because of the networks frequent testing.

Charlie Lee thinks the release will bring new benefits

The new feature of removing miner block size that the release brings is interesting, as in the 0.15.1 version of the Litecoin Core miners belittled the ‘-Blockmaxsize’ option that was supposedly meant to limit block sizes to the network. Which is apparently why it was removed in this version of the update.  This will be taken over by the ‘blockmaxweight’ option that will offer miners the freedom to limit the block weight. Charlie Lee is the founder of Litecoin and he posted on Twitter that there are plans to integrate a privacy protocol in the LTC network. The community was provided with four options: A Confidential Transaction, ZK-Snarks/ZK-Starks, Mimble Wimble or no privacy. However, according to the results, the majority of votes were focused on confidential transactions.

The Litecoin network also received the Casa LN Node support this week, this contributed to the Lighting Network that Litecoin uses. The addition of this support will be added later this year. Many are excited about the potential of Litecoin and its similarity to Bitcoin. However, the cryptocurrency is still being undervalued, as Litecoin can be seen as digital Silver as Bitcoin is seen as the digital gold. But the coin has much more room for growth in the near future.

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