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Voting system being integrated with Blockchain in West Virginia

Voting on the Blockchain

The implementation of Blockchain technology in the voting system is a novel idea, that organizations are looking to adapt within the coming years. Most nations are still in the process of the implementation of this extraordinary disruptive technology. However in West Virginia in the US, organizations have successfully adopted the use of the Blockchain as a digital voting system already. Voting on the Blockchain has always been an integral part of the Blockchain technology.

Asides from the peer-to-peer transaction of money, voting has been constantly considered for government agencies to implement, like the application of identity on the Blockchain. This has become a major milestone of the Blockchain for companies and organizations to understand, this is done through the consensus mechanism that the technology brings.

In a report that was known in the state of West Virginia, the use of Blockchain mobile application voting system was implemented for absentee ballots and is now official. This will be taking effect on the forthcoming midterm elections that will be held in November. This will be a marvelous step for the Blockchain community as well, to call for the action of other states and nations to follow these steps.

A live voting system on the planet

Last Friday, the application of voting on the Blockchain was put into effect, as some citizens that were abroad during voting exercises were able to participate through the use of an App or Dapp called VOATZ. The state has informed the public that this will be a military stationed focus group that will be adopted outside of the United States. Voters will be able to register on the network while casting their ballots to more than 24 countries around the globe.

There are still a few people who are quite skeptical about the voting system that the Blockchain offers. This can be because they have not been able to see it in action or the news was not well received by some parties. Mr. Joseph Lorenzo Hall, which is the chief technologist at the Center for Democracy and Technology gave his opinion on the matter at hand, stating that:

“It’s internet voting on people’s horribly secured devices, over our horrible networks, to servers that are very difficult to secure without a physical paper record of the vote.”  

There have been several more individuals that have made their opinions known, so he is definitely not alone in this line of thought. It is still to be seen whether they will be convinced of the disruptive nature of this technology, or stay on the sidelines as time goes on and let the positive results continue to manifest through society and the economy.

What are your thoughts about the application of the Blockchain in voting? Feel free to leave a comment down below.


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