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The Ripple Swell conference with Bill Clinton and other keynote speakers

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The Ripple conference Swell has been in full gear today following the announcement of the Bill Clinton speech that happened this morning. Unfortunately, there was no live stream of this talk that was held in San Francisco. Ripple has stated that they will be publishing the recorded videos that were held at the Swell event today. Some are excited to hear the opinions of the former president Bill Clinton and his advisor Gene Sperling.

The recording videos are expected to be published on the same day as the conference, these will be segments of the event. The team said however that they will not be publishing the Keynotes speeches.

This event was an invite-only and was not open to the public, in order to find out who was invited to this event it is possible to see in on the website. It is also unclear whether there were any reporters invited to cover any parts of the event on the first day of this event.

On the agenda for tomorrow there is Robert Hackett of Fortune that is listed to give a speech, whether he will be attending today was not clear put the process of the events is already underway.

The event of Swell

This event apparently exclusive to Bankers, henceforth the closed doors to the masses, and is not clear what will be spoken or covered in there sessions. As a lot of crypto enthusiasts and investors in the development of the Blockchain know, that Ripple is basically a bank with some underline capabilities of a cryptocurrency Blockchain. The company Ripple has reserves of over 60 billion RXP’s at hand, which can be used to cover much of the cost of the implementation of their distributed ledger technology. The Ripple price had a good run-up of 4x these past days, with the anticipation of the swell event in San Francisco.

Ripple price has retracted a little but Ripple currently holds a huge market capitalization that is now rivaling the smart contract based Public Blockchain Ethereum. Bankers like the Ripple because of it private Blockchain feature that it has integrated so it is expected that they will continue to follow suit.

Many expect to hear some coverage of the keynotes speech of the former president Bill Clinton and some other major participants that the event.

If the keynotes speech was just available to Bankers then the public might not be able to hear the full story of the events out loud. There will be enough information coming from this event in San Francisco and will keep up to date with this two-day conference.

What do you think of the swell conference being private to bankers? Please let us know in the comment section below.


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