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The organization ICObazaar will be releasing a new platform to connect ICO’s with Investors and potential employees

ICO’s are is a great way for the Blockchain to grow

The ICObazaar team has to just introduced the world to a much more easy-to-use platform, that will connect ICOs with investors and employees in one ecosystem. There has been a multitude of companies around the world that have been looking to Blockchain technology for solutions to current business practices. The Blockchain has experienced tremendous growth compared to the past years which is expected to only increase these coming years.


The average time period for a company to close sales to their ICO’s based on 183 startups is usually around 3 months. After this period the company starts to focus on expanding the team in order to deliver products or services. Each company has an average open position after an ICO, as the company implements all talent that is necessary for the project.

The ICObazaar platform will bring all an ICOs that are seeking professional talent to be listed on a simple and easy-to-use ecosystem that communicates with the team to take control of the desired demands. The organization now has a huge demand for companies interested in ICOs and Blockchain applications that are growing exponentially. According, to data from demands the organization has increased by more than 115%, these results had led the company to think that there is a great shortage of both tech and non-tech talented professionals that are on the market.

What the ICObazaar platform does is it allows businesses to register the ICOs or the Pre-ICO requisites on the platform to reach the desired audience while attracting more investors. Anyone can list a project, as this process is provided free of cost by the organization, while also providing a one month trial period. The company’s need only to provide information like a whitepaper, a roadmap, team, media and the details of the tokens that will be sold.

Companies new to the crypto and Blockchain space will try ICOs

There are companies that want to gather more investors to their projects, which is why the platform is also offering a premium account in order to get some special bonuses. However, Candidates require no fees to get their CV’s listed on the platform, as this allows for the opportunity to try and develop faster within the Blockchain space.

The ICObazaar platform allows investors to easily navigate through the ICO market, as there are new cryptocurrencies getting generated and promoted everyday. The platform also helps to choose a project that is in-line with their vision or investment decisions. The platform presents an opportunity to contribute to solving problems of inefficiency, trust and accountability in every business sector from finance to entertainment.

The ICObazaar platform was launched back in August, and the team is working to make the site provide all the necessary information to people new to the implications of the technology. The Platform currently has well know companies like Cointelegraph Store, Oxycoin Trade, Orca Alliance and Modern Token Agency.

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