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Interview: Tron almost ready to launch its BTT token

In an interview with the communicating director of TRON, he shared some light on the upcoming BTT token and the Tron project. The cryptocurrency has been one of the coins that have garnered a lot of attention. It is well known for its focus on the decentralisation of the internet and the entertainment industry in the blockchain ecosystem.

The TRON project was founded by Justin Sun and has been in the light ever since its $126 million acquisition of the software company BitTorrent. The platform later gained more than 100 million active users by July of 2018.

According to Cliff Edwards, the Director of global communications in the interview. The TRON foundation has shared a lot of insights on the TRON vision as well as the “strategic thinking” that has directed the BitTorrent acquisition.

Edward thinks that even though a lot of people are saying TRON is simply following the tracks of Ethereum and EOS, the project is headed more into the direction of building a “better mousetrap” than just reinventing projects.

He also explained in a statement that:

“I will use the vision of Apple. Apple, in a lot of ways, never really innovated on creating something new but they always look at something. Steve Jobs has a great way of doing it, looking at something and say how can i do this better? Let’s work on this and they’d win. They also won not just because they build better hardware but because they had better software and they had a better ecosystem behind them. And if you think about the TRON BitTorrent vision, it’s very much the exact samething.”

Tron will be focused on combining the utility tokens and the Blockchain technology behind a strong user base. This will automatically boost the number of people who are interested in the cryptocurrency space.

The upcoming BitTorrent crowd sale of the BTT Token

ICOs have been around since the beginning of popular coins like Ethereum. However, it has lost a lot of its meaning, as more projects are seeing that there is not much need for this kind of procedure in the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

The use case in business must be specified in order to have a mild effect on the success of projects. This has lead to a reduction in the trust of ICOs.

However, Edward notes that the coming BitTorrent BTT token distribution event will not be an ICO, but rather a crowdfund that is powered by the Binance launchpad.

The BitTorrent token ( BTT Token ) is one of two projects that will be launched on the Binance platform in the coiming hours.

According to Edwards, after being asked about the kind of collaboration between Binance and Tron, he shared that:

“I think the deal came together very quickly. I think you know , once we sent our outlined vision to Binance, i think they probably felt like we do have a plan and they want to make sure that a launchpad came back in a big way this year. If you read their press release, they said they’re going to be having partners every month. And that makes them look to say who are the people out there that they think may have legs. And we want to show those companies that we are also trying to build trust and legitimacy to the market.”

The interview concluded with Cliff Edwards mentioning that Tron’s vision this year is to surpass Ethereum and EOS, mainly because those are the two closest competitors regarding what TRON is trying to accomplish.

The Tron team also has a long term vision of contending with top companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Netflix.

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