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Blockchain Africa Conference 2019 was a success

The Blockchain conference in Africa

There was a recent Blockchain Conference which was declared as a resounding success.

Representatives of some of the leading industries attended the Blockchain conference 2019 in Cape Town and in Johannesburg. This was in order to discuss all the relevant issues that are happening within Blockchain technology and socio-economics.

Blockchain technology has continued to inspire innovators alongside researchers and Scientists from around the globe to find new ways to use emerging technologies.

This will alleviate major parts of the financial system and economic activities relating to current problems. Discussions from the South African Blockchain Conference were relating to regulations, privacy, decentralisation, innovation, and applications.

During the event, the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin was on the spotlight as one of the most important technologies currently known.

According to a statement coming from speaker Simon Dingle:

“No other Blockchain project has proven itself in terms of mainstream adoption yet. Bitcoin is the only one.”

There were also talks of regulations from the Senior FinTech specialist at the South African Reserve Bank in which Daseman mentioned that:

“The Reserve bank’s perspective is that blockchain is a paradigm shift and regulators need to adapt. Sarb does not want to stifle innovation but recognises that regulations is necessary to protect investors and those that are not educated about the technology.”

As is with every other regulatory agencies around the world, cryptocurrencies and crypto asset regulations have been an extremely difficult task for them to implement.

The working groups in Malta have been looking into regulations for a long time now and have seen the managing Director at ARQ, Jean-Paull Fabri from Malta’s regulatory agency give his perspective stating that:

“The regulation is there as a filter to make sure that the investment opportunity presented by the issuers is real.”

Countries implementing blockchain technology

The Event saw speakers discuss a lot of important matters around innovation, adoption and renewable energy implementations in more industries. These are all areas where the Blockchain Technology will be working in tandem with solar panels.

There were also other speakers present like Monero’s Riccardo Spagni. Showcasing “Raison d’etre”, which is set to be implemented into the Monero platform.

Decentralised features should not be undermined and should be used as a force to improve privacy and information sharing.

Cryptocurrencies like Monero allow it’s users to take back control over their own money and hence information in a way that Law and Government can not through the implementation of data, protocols and scientific data management championed by smart contract implementations.

Lorien Gamaroff stated:

“There’s no real value in crypto or cash to be anonymous. The value lies in the privacy, not anonymity and blockchain could change this in the future.”

The conference received some positive good feedback coming from other conferences like MC. While others thought it was inspiring and thoughtful and left a lot of provoking thoughts to work on.

There is another Event that is scheduled next year in Johannesburg. This event will be exploring the economical impact and investment methods in that are being used in cryptocurrencies and blockchain adoption.


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