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Ukraine: Russian Intelligence Agents using cryptocurrencies to buy crucial data of gov’t officials

Russian agents are once again being blamed for seeking data of foreign government or high profile individuals. The Ukrainian cyber police have reportedly identified that the Russian Intelligence Agents are on a spree to buy data of government officials on the dark market with payments being made using cryptocurrencies.

Sergey Demedyk, the chief officer of the Ukrainian Cyber police, has said that the agents are mostly targeting data of Central Election Commission (CEC) chairmen as the country prepares to hold the elections on March 31.

As reported by Bitsonline, apart from paying for data on the dark market using cryptocurrencies, the Cyber Police have noted:

“A number of virtual attack attempts coming from the Russian territory since 2017. Attackers have tried to crack judicial power servers and some of the servers behind the Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories. After an investigation, police officers concluded that payment using cryptocurrencies for both CEC data leaks and collateral attacks on the government were made from the same wallet”

To increase their chances of getting hold of Ukrainian government officials’ data, the Russian agents are also sending spam emails which are masked to look like they are originating from the government. The emails contain malicious code that allows the agents to assume control of the victims’ computers once the email is opened.

The malicious code is also capable of harvesting login details of accounts related to cryptocurrencies including on virtual currency exchanges.

According to the Ukrainian Cyber Police, the cases are relatively simple because the agents prefer using Bitcoin which is traceable.

In the past, Russian agents have been blamed for interfering with the elections in the United States where they used cryptocurrencies to pay for equipment and services used during the process.

Do you think the value of Bitcoin is making it more appealing on the dark market than other cryptocurrencies such as Monero?

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