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China State TV recommends cryptocurrency materials

A recent ad was segmented on a Chinese financial and state-run news channel CCTV2. The channel recommended Cryptoassets, one of the most popular crypto books on the market. The book is also said to be one of the most widely used books on the market by crypto investments.

The anchors told viewers that they had the opportunity to participate in a great investment opportunity which is set to be one of the greatest in history. The channel also offered more insights into other books that detail the process of this technology.

The segment also touched upon the market dynamics and general developments in the crypto and blockchain industry worldwide a message estimated to have reached to more than 1 billion people.

The view on crypto from China

The country is set to have a very distinctive stance on the development of cryptocurrencies in a lot of ways. It also imposes strict bans on ICOs and cryptocurrencies for use in any commercial activities.

The country has also seen the implementation of anti-anonymity rules on the market in order to enable the orderly developments.

China has remained a heavy and hot place for the development of cryptocurrencies, it’s activities and innovations.

There are plans in the near future to expand its cities into smart cities, with a fully digitalized economy. According to one of the big internet giants called ¨Baidu¨, it has also launched a Blockchain-as-a-service platform for the development and deployment for companies.

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