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CBOE allows IPC to use its cryptocurrency feed summary

CBOE has allowed IPC, a leader in powering the world’s financial markets, to use its cryptocurrency feed summary which provides data on Bitcoin to USD, Ether to Bitcoin, and Ether to USD pairs.

CBOE’s cryptocurrency feed summary, including feed premium, will now be available to IPC users on IPC Connexus Cloud, which is a “high-performance financial markets cloud solution for data, voice and enterprise communication and compliance with an ecosystem of 6,600 market participants,” according to Business Insider.

While noting that CBOE leads the way in regulated virtual currency futures, Kevin Carrai, Global head, market data and access services at CBOE, acknowledged that they are “committed to helping foster a more mature and orderly global marketplace for digital assets. An important part of this effort is the efficient and widespread distribution of trade data to enable investors to make better decisions.”

Part of doing this, Kelvin continued, is by partnering with IPC. With digital currency trading increasing at a high rate this year, IPC is very keen on addressing this growth by feeding a wide range of investors with strong data.

According to the global exchange relations managing director at IPC, Mike Smith:

“By supporting financial market participants with real-time data and information they need, we are empowering their participation in the growing cryptocurrency market.”

Users on the Connexus Cloud platform benefit from faster trades, higher efficiency, and productivity. With the addition of cryptocurrency feed summary, they will benefit more by having a one-stop data center for the top cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, the Connexus Cloud platform gives access to liquidity avenues in “countries comprising over 80 percent of the global GDP including access to emerging and frontier markets.” These markets include Russia, UAE, China, and Turkey. Data from CBOE Futures Exchange will also be availed to Connexus Cloud users.

As CBOE allows IPC to use its cryptocurrency feed summary, do you foresee more investors flooding the crypto space after being given access to quality unbiased data?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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