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The Crypto Exchange Arch to integrate Aquis technology

Exchange plans on integrating technology for better security

The company Aquis technology is a financial and regulatory service part of Aquis Exchange. Archax is a new institutional-grade crypto and security token exchange, which Aquis has chosen in order to supply trading technology, after the service launch in early 2019.

The project will start its completion of Archax’s first fundraising round before its security token offering (STO), that is scheduled for later this year. There is a three-year agreement that states that there is an upfront implementation fee and recurring licenses fee by the launch of the service. 

An expanding crypto economy 

Aquis is an exchange that is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM and is authorized and is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, this was in order to operate a multilateral trading facility. Many of the world top brokers, banks together with liquidity providers are using the Aquis Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) to trade stocks in more than 14 European markets. The Aquis technology is proven to be scalable, handle very high volumes and with low latency.

CEO Graham Rodford stated that “It was vital for us to work with an existing provider of cutting-edge, traditional exchange technology with a strong record of delivering products, systems, and services to third parties. Having reviewed a large number of options, it is clear that Aquis is a perfect fit for us and the winner in terms of performance. The fact that so many market participants are already familiar with their technology was a key factor in us selecting them. We believe that using a regulated MTF operator to run our core matching engine, as well as leveraging Aquis’ market surveillance team, will also fast track our time to market.”

Cryptocurrency trading venues are more personally geared towards traders, and thus lack the processes, guidelines and or interfaces for institutional acquisition. The Aquis technology will supply Archax with some high speed, high capacity engine, with high-class surveillance services, together with market operations and post-trade tools services.

As the CEO of Aquis Exchange, Alasdair Haynes said, “We have been approached by many firms wanting to use our technology in the crypto space. The Archax team, however, bring the extensive experience from traditionally regulated markets that we believe is needed to launch a successful crypto exchange for institutional use and we are very pleased to be working with them.”

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