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A global crypto finance company adopts surveilance technology to counter pump and dump schemes

Circle, a crypto finance company with a global presence, has procured the services of a reputable software company to keep off malicious players from its platform.

The crypto finance company has started using an enterprise software from Nice Actimize, a subsidiary of Nice Limited, an Israeli company that creates high-quality financial software tools in the areas of compliance, risk, and crime.

Circle will be employing the Cloud Markets Surveillance from Nice Actimize to counter criminal cryptocurrency trading schemes like pump and dump and insider trading.

Robert Bench, Head of Regulatory Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Circle noted:

As a leading crypto finance company, it was important that we work with a leading financial crime solution provider like Nice Actimize which provides industry-leading solutions for the rapidly changing financial crime, risk and compliance landscape.

Bench continued to note that Circle’s move to introduce a market surveillance solution indicates the front line position the crypto finance company has taken in regards to policy and crypto-related regulatory issues “that focusses on the safety of customers and investors.”

Craig Costigan, CEO, Nice Actimize, said they:

Recognize that Circle is a category leader committed to the highest standards of customer safeguards and are excited to be one of the industry’s first financial crime solutions providers to tackle the exciting new cryptocurrency category with secure and cost-effective protections.

Apart from Circle, Nasdaq has also developed and initiated a market surveillance technology to fight malicious trading activities on the platform. Nasdaq’s technology is also being used to monitor malicious cryptocurrency technology on a number of crypto exchanges.

As regulators mount pressure on crypto platforms in regards to price manipulations, insider trading activities, among others, crypto exchanges are adopting high-grade market surveillance technologies.

Do you think more crypto finance companies will continue to adopt market surveillance technologies to boost confidence in the crypto market?

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