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After Binance, we could see Kraken delist Bitcoin SV

Craig Wright in a bid to add more legitimacy to his claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto might have led to his rejection by a majority of members within the cryptocurrency community. Following Binance, we might see Kraken delist Bitcoin SV.

Earlier today, Binance indicated that it will be delisting Bitcoin SV following an initial warning by its CEO.

Last week, CZ warned if Craig Wright continued with his threats on members of the community, he will delist Bitcoin SV. “Anymore of this shit, we delist”, tweeted CZ.

That went through today after the exchange announced it will be delisting Bitcoin SV, The Bitcoin Cash fork backed by Craig Wright. This has now led to an ongoing poll by Kraken with the questions;

Should Kraken delist Bitcoin SV (BSV)?

Could Kraken delist Bitcoin SV?

Just 5 hours into the poll, it has gathered more than 40,000 votes with a majority of participants voting for Bitcoin SV to be delisted on the exchange.

This all started a few days back when Craig Wright threatened to take anyone who called him a con to court and threatened them with defamation charges.

He even went further to offer a 5K bounty on Twitter for anyone who will reveal the real identity of a Twiter user by the name, Hodlonaut as he claims Hodlonaut was the person who started calling him a con.

With the amount of attarction the poll carried out by Kraken is gaining, it is very likley that the coin will get delisted as well on the exchange and if this goes through, we can expect to see more big names follow suit against Craig and any project he is affiliated with.

What are your thoughts on this? Should Kraken delist Bitcoin SV?

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