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Stocks can now be tokenised on the Ethereum Blockchain

According to a new report, Google, Amazon, Tesla, Apple and Facebook are planning on using the Ethereum Blockchain to tokenise stocks. A startup in Estonia will be allowing investors to buy and sell tokenised stocks.

There are a few companies that are using the Ethereum Blockchain to start new projects. DX.Exchange will be launching its first regulated and digital stock exchange in the market which will allow users to purchase any digitalised stocks that will be backed 1:1 with real stocks.

These stocks will be trading on the platform around the 7th of January as the company is responsible for the platform that will allow clients to purchase these kinds of stocks on the Nasdaq exchange.

Users of the platform will also have the possibility to use virtual or fiat currencies in order to purchase these stocks.

In a conversion with the COO of the company, Amedeo Moscato, mentioned to coindesk that:

“Henceforth, when they become a token holder, they own stock portions of the company’s stock, as the tokens are backed 1:1 to the real-world stocks. That makes them entitled to the same cash dividends that the stock are worth.”

The MPS marketplace Securities, Ltd, that has made an agreement with the DX.Exchange. The company plans on purchasing real-world stocks according to the demand of the users.

ERC-20 tokens available to represent each share that a company wants to hold. These shares will then be stored in a segregated account that is separated from any of MPS’ internal funds.

This will allow the company to safeguard all customers in a emergency case like bankruptcy. The DX.Exchange will also be following the regulations put in place by the European Union together with authorities on the continent.

The Cyprus Securities Exchange commission will be exchanging (FIX) protocols. This is the first attempt to tokenise stocks in the market that will present a clear answer to tokenisation of stocks and assets, that play an important role in the markets. The Exchange will be taking all necessary steps to innovative with the latest technologies that are available.


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