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Ethereum’s internal cryptocurrency ether could be featured in a PS4 game

The Blockchain and video games

In recent years Blockchain gaming has been relatively new to the industry, however, there has been a number of enthusiasts and blockchain developers working in the space. The cryptocurrency mainstream adoption is much closer than a lot of individuals might think.

According to a buzz circulating currently that a game developer of Arcade Distillery is preparing to launch a new game designed for the Play Station 4, that will be featuring a lot of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) that will be built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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The Arcade Distillery newest game that is a single-player game and a turn-based strategy RPG, will come with some PvP elements with it. The game is the sequel to a plague Road game that was successful on the Play Station 4. This free-to-play game can be found with a P2P transaction marketplace were it has been verified by the Sony processes. All the terms and conditions were passed by the Sony Play Station, as the market is currently full of different types of blockchain projects. The market is looking forward to these types of blockchain use cases based on games that have passed the reviews, as this was the first time a Blockchain game has passed by the review.

The weapons in the Plague Hunter’s in-game will be used as units and pegged to a non-fungible token asset that is available on the Ethereum Blockchain.  The game currently has a Q1 2019th release date and will also have other console releases like Nintendo Switch versions and a PC version as well, with an Xbox one release and mobile in plans.

The gaming industry is ready for a revolution with the Blockchain Technology

Game developers are quickly learning that the Blockchain can make companies capitalize on current gaming trends. As the gaming industry has been steadily growing over time with multi-player games like the survival game Fortnite earing $1 billion in purchases.

A company called Mythical games will be coming out of the shadows to leverage the Blockchain applicability. The start-up has reportedly raised more than $16 million in Series A funding, but the game will not be directly dependent on Ethereum but on the EOSIO blockchain.

According to the CEO John Linden on the fundraising:

“The investment from Galaxy, Javelin, and our other new investors will allow us to ignite a new approach to developing games, giving players and content creators a bigger stake in the games they love. We believe this new economics will come to dominate gaming, resulting in an even bigger addressable market for the industry.” 



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