New Fils Swiss and A.Favre watch to have built-in crypto wallets

Cryptocurrency hardware wallets moving to handwear

Watch to have built-in crypto wallets – There are reports of a new Swiss luxury watch manufacturer that will be releasing a crypto wallet watch this year.

The watches were recently announced and was posted on Twitter with the A. Favre & Fils crypto friendly designs. Its release is scheduled later this year.

The company announced the release of the new project last week on their official website informing that the latest invention will be displaying a built-in crypto wallet together with a state of the art security solution.

The firm is proud to announce that it is the very first Switzerland handcrafted mechanical watch that will be featuring built-in crypto wallets.

The project is based on a ten-generation market manufacturing firm that will be combining the current cryptocurrency and blockchain technology on the watches as asset storage.

The company thinks the release of this new form of watch will push the luxury watch manufacturing to the next level.

From watch manufactures to crypto – watch to have built-in crypto wallets

According to Lauren Favre, the CEO of A.Favre & Fils, they have built this watch with the intention of offering something useful and valuable to the crypto community.

The announcement stated that the price of these new watches will cost around CHF 100,000 to CHF 150,000, which is approximately $102,000 – $153,000.

The prices of the watches will vary depending on the type of watch being purchased, like gold, metal or silver.

The company further stated that the watches will be providing strong privacy and protection with data security.

These luxury watches will have a prototype that is set to be released from the manufactures around the second quater of this year.

In an interview with a Swiss news outlet, the CEO said that they will continue to add relevant features that will improve the designs of the watch.

According to Lauren, this is like figuring out the steam engines in an era of electric engines.


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