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Hollywood meets the potential of cryptocurrency films

A new film is underway by Alex Winter’s, that goes by the name Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain will be released in late October. This film will be focusing on the chronicles and the rise and influence of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. 

Alex Winter is known for two great films which are the classics “Bill & Ted” movies, that was released in the recent years. The British-American film director and actor has a lot of technological themed documentairies, this includes the infamous Napster file-sharing service, that was released a few years back.

A new film is underway by Alex Winter's

The Bitcoinist which was released back in 2015 covered the discussions surrounding Winter’s film The “Deep Web”. The film was focused on showing the cases surrounding the Silk Road marketplace, which after opened up a lot of discussions about digital criminality and the laws that are applicable to it.

Winter’s is now ready to make and release another film that will be about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain industry, The release is set for the 26th of October.

More films about cryptocurrencies are underway boosting industry recognition

On the film’s website, the Trust Machine there is a montage that can be found, which illustrates how the Blockchain technological proponents are being used for cutting-edge developments in order to change the world. Through fighting income inequality, solving world hunger and the refugee crisis currently in the world. In the film, there will be an element that focuses on Lauri Love, which is a female hacker and Blockchain expert, which will be fighting extradition in the “Trust Machine”. The disruption on Central Banks, Governments and networking pundits who condemn cryptocurrencies and Blockchain will also be presented.

Winter’s wants to continue the trend of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain that will be making its way into various films these coming month and years. According to Kurt Russell, he reported in the summer that the upcoming thriller for “Crypto” was in post-production. The film will be moving towards a more crime thriller focused set, against the backdrop of shady cryptocurrencies and Blockchain project dealings. However, according to those working on the movie, it will be overall a positive message to the audience.

There was a short documentary called “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” that found its way into the film industry. IMDB website gave a great description of the film as one of the most informative, teaching the impending global impact of this amazing technology, through the eyes of a computer programmer.

The Bitcoinist presented a few questions to Alex J. Mann back in September who created a very short horror film that was based Bitcoin. Alex stated that he thought Bitcoin would be a worthy topic for a short video, as he has been following cryptocurrencies since 2013.

The Blockchain is a potentially world-changing concept that cryptocurrencies will dominate

Through an interview with Breaker Magazine, Winter explained that he really had no desire in crafting a film that was focused on Virtual currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, he later stated that “Trust Machine” seemed like an exciting project because it could track “The potential of the Blockchain Technology” together with the current hysteria, evangelism, and speculation surrounding the technology.

A new film is underway by Alex Winter's


Winter’s stated that they have done a range of talks with different people for the production of the film, which included Ethereum’s co-founder Joseph Lubin, the venture capitalist Tim Draper and Blockchain journalist Laura Shin.

Essentially a Blockchain without an embedded currency is just a simple database, which will make it fall short of any true disruptive potential. This technology is focused on disrupting big Banks Governments and Financial Institutions any developments that fall short of this will quickly be undervalued by global markets.

According to Winter, his documentaries are always focused on the individual, because if you can tell an interesting story with interesting people, you will not lose anyone. In a recent film review that was published by Hollywood, a reporter noted that winter’s creation serves as a digestible intro into the potentially disruptive and world-changing concept of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


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