The Launch of a developer portal Decentralized AI Network called SingularityNET

The Blockchain technology being used with AI Networks

According to a few reports, on twitter, there was an announcement made that the organization SingularityNET developer Portal is planning to expand its technical reach. The organization is committed to building a vibrant ecosystem of crypto and blockchain developers.

There are guides that learn people how to make use of the SingularityNET platform portal. As it explains the platform and what is expected to be allowed with the creation and sharing of monetized artificial intelligence services.

This project is committed to the development and democratization of AI, which is what the SingularityNET Developer Portal is bringing and willing to accommodate a wide range of programming languages. These will include languages like Python, Objective-C, Ruby, C#, Java, Go, Node.js, C++, Java, PHP, Haskell, and Android Java.

Around the world with the network

The CEO and Chief scientist of SingularityNET, Dr. Ben Goertzel thinks that developers will be one of the keys in helping the world move in a democratized and decentralized way, together with artificial intelligence. The current sector is mostly build-up by a few dominant firms. According to Goertzel the safest and most productive approach is to ensure that AI is developed globally and is very inclusive and participatory.

Decentralized firms are also building on AI in order to make sure its development is present and spreads across major continents. These are places were SingularityNET has developers working on AI in order to move the technology forward in 10 different countries, Romania, the U.S., Brazil, New Zealand, Ethiopia, Belgium, Russia, China, Netherland, Bulgaria. The organization also has plans to schedule developers in for workshops by 2019 while other developers are invited in order to take advantage of the Developer Portal tools.

Companies sees the potential in AI

The organization recently, held its inaugural developer’s workshop back in Helsinki, where Finland is managing to assign more than 250 developers. The event covered topics such as the integration of artificial intelligence agents that will be on the SingularityNET platform architecture. There will be neutral networks like the Open Cognitive (OpenCog) architecture, that will be viewable through the construction of specifical artificial intelligence agents.

The Platform launch came just after two months when the government of Malta decided to select the decentralized AI firm, to contribute in the drafting of the countries National artificial intelligence projects.

One of the first projects that the SingularityNET project was focused on was the creation of Robot Citizenship test for Malta. The test was served by SingularityNET expressed in hopes that the test will be used as a blueprint for other countries in order to adopt.

The Test is also served as citizenship as a basis for benevolent robots in society. According to research and development, the Robots Citizenship test will be used for the countries will-being and to develop AI projects in the coming years.

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