The HTC Blockchain Phone by Exodus has started its first reserve sign up

Updates from the Web3 Summit

Exodus Blockchain phone for cryptocurrencies at the Web3 summit in Lisbon.

There was an announcement made coming from the Web3 summit today about the Exodus Blockchain specific phone and relevant information. The reveal was done by Phil Chen from HTC who gave some details on the soon to be launched Blockchain Phone, Exodus.

The Phone will be based on a built-in universal wallet that will be geared towards the development of Web3 with a much better cryptographically secured internet access. The Exodus Phone will be enabling users to hold, store and control their own private keys, there has been a lot of focus on this feature of the device.

exodus blockchain phone for cryptocurrencies

The phones private key management protocol will be called Zion, which will be released and packed with trusted hardware stacked together with APIs that can connect to any wallet. The Exodus Phone will also be coming with a social recovery mechanism for private keys, where this will allow users to entrust up to five people to help recover their lost or stolen keys along with the device.

A big market move for the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry

The Chief Officer of decentralization at HTC, Phil Chen mentioned that during the presentation today, the company will be making plans on accepting cryptocurrencies exclusively for the purchase of the Exodus Blockchain Phone. The price in fiat currency for the phone is currently around $970,28 (0.15 BTC) and $968,20 which is approximately 4.78 ETH (ether).


The release of this new type of phone will be seeking to expand the Blockchain ecosystem through the creation of the worlds first dedicated decentralized application specific phone, with a high level of security. The release of the HTC Exodus will show the true potential of the Blockchain as HTC thinks this will now become a reality, by making interaction with the Blockchain, easier and smoother through the application of DAPPs (Decentralized Applications) to the cryptocurrency market.

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