The Football Club of Spain Elche was purchased by Libereum

New cryptocurrencies making way forward in the economy

The Libereum startup is a Dutch-based cryptocurrency known as LIBER, that has been focused on the Blockchain technology moving through the financial system while revolutionising the global sports industry. The team has acquired Spains Segunda Division football club Elche CF. This will help the cryptocurrency with long-term plans to make the Liber token push ahead in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The Football club was bought by Libereum, that has reportedly reach a formal agreement with the owners of the Spanish second division football club. The teams were purchased for 80 million euros, with a reported 43 million euros in payment as a bank guarantee.

The Libereum platform is powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, and it plans on making the LIBER token rank amongst the top crypto assets on the market, with in the first few months of acquiring the football team.

The Libereum company has declared that:

“Libereum is focused on becoming one of the top ten digital assets after we have gained ownership of the first football club and we will do everything within our power to succeed.”

The team is focused on building its website and expanding its operations to other sports and sectors of the economy once it gets moving with soccer.

The company also mentioned that:

“After sports, we will move towards other interests and necessities of Liber adopters. Everything from internet service providers to energy suppliers will be bought by Libereum to boost demand.”

Cryptocurrency in the sports world

The Elche football club was founded back in 1923, and currently plays in the Segunda Division in Spain. The Libereum team thinks it can turn the team fortunes around after a long two to three football seasons.

The founder of Libereum commented that the developments and purchase of the club was relatively easy, as the Elche CF shares its vision of the future of crypto. Libereum will be providing the football team with funds needed in order to promote the Primera Division making LIBER the official cryptocurrency of the Elche football club.

The Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is gaining traction fast in the world of finance, as the sports industry is also catching up with the cryptocurrency adoption.

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