The Case Lightning Node Allows cryptocurrency holders to try BTC Lightning Network payment channels

The expansion of the Bitcoin Lightning Network second layer

A few cryptocurrency users have heard of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, and what this second generation layer solution will be capable of, however, the implementations of the BTC Lightning Network are more vast than most people would think. The Lightning Network was created in order to make the Bitcoin Network faster, more secure than it already is without the need for hard forks. Using the most recent hard Fork that most individuals are aware of that created Bitcoin Cash, back in August of 2017. The Lightning Network brings the option to users of the cryptocurrency to interact with multiple Blockchain payment channels.

Some developers would argue that the Lightning Network initially had too many bugs, though they have not given up and thus the Network is still under improvement, so individuals will be able to use it in the coming years for Bitcoin and Litecoin wish are two of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market.

Casa Lightning Network for Bitcoin

The Casa Lightning Node was announced back in February 2018 by Michael Borglin from the Lightning Ramp team. The casa lightning node was built by the Ramp team which includes Michael and Tom who joined the team. This is currently one of the most easiest ways to use the Bitcoin Lightning Network directly and one of the many ways anyone will be able to use or interact with the power of the Bitcoin Lightning Network. The team also focused on the Lightning Ramp which was a software that was released for the BTC Lightning Network back in February after its launch.

This will allow users to be able to use the best possible version of bitcoin, the team found that individuals would simply be unable to adopt certain aspects of the Lightning Network in their daily lives, which is where the idea of having a device that will solve these problems came into development in order to accelerate the adoption.

The implementation of this new device also comes with the fact that users will have to be able to manage their keys personally. The users will have to have a key management software installed in order to fend off attackers and hackers, as this can put the whole network at risk. Because of this, the team focused on building the best personal key manager software they could which brought team members like Michael on the project in order to combine expertise with the Lightning Network and create a more secure device.

How does the Casa Lightning Node work and why you should also get one

The Lightning Node is currently one of the easiest ways to use the Lightning Network if you are not familiar with programming or coding to interact with the Blockchain directly. The Casa Lightning Node is the first of its kind and comes pre-assembled with full features. You can use it to take control of your own node by using an easy plug and play setup.

The Device is pre-synced with Bitcoin, this will grant fast activation of the system and will use a wonderful web-based interface for Node management.

Casa Llightning Node for Bitcoin

The device will allow you to be able to access the Lightning Network in order to make and receive payments with more security and few flaws. You will also be able to use it to open and close custom channels to other nodes on the Lightning Network while increasing liquidity of your node with the Autopilot channel management support that comes pre-installed. The design was made for newcomers to use and interact with the cryptocurrency intuitively, The box contains a white hard-shell case a power and hard drive adapter cord, the full lightning with Bitcoin node along with Raspberry Pi with and a 1TB hard drive.

There are currently a few ways you can acquire a Casa Lightning Node if you already have a Casa membership and is a client of the company. However, if you are not currently a member you will have to purchase the device as it is currently ready for pre-orders. You can get a Casa Lightning Node for only $300 today, The company only has a 100 units in store. The Casa Node can be purchased with normal fiat currency or payments can also be made with cryptocurrencies like ETH or BTC.

The device provides some more level of security and was created to be efficient and easy to understand if you have never tried using the Bitcoin Lightning Network this will be a great starting point for individuals. The Bitcoin Lightning Network is still in beta testnet version, but the idea of streaming, rerouting and managing micropayments with money is truly a unique idea that the world has never seen. The capabilities of the Lightning Network is vast and its implementation will change the way individuals use and interact with money forever.



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