The ARK Deployer V2 lets you create your own Blockchain in minutes

The growth of the ARK blockchain

According to recent developments, ARK will be launching the ARK deployer v2, a delegated proof-of-stake blockchain (The DPOS) that will be able to link blockchains through a smart bridge.

This new ARK Deployer program will be a solution for anyone who wants to create a custom blockchain based on the ARK’s technology, Stacks.

This technology will be geared towards the individuals and will be free to access for learning purposes, commercial applications, hackathons or meetups. This ARK Deployer technology is also designed to be fast and simple for blockchain creation.

ARK Deployer was made specifically to help users to quickly create their own blockchain by following a few simple instructions using the Deployer CLI. To be able to set it up, basic technical knowledge will be required and will be ready to run in less than an hour.

The ARK blockchain has previously been limited by its single Bridgechain network but is no longer the case with the release of this new Deployer as it will now create new config files for the main-net including a testnet and devnet while giving users full environment setups custom Bridgechain developments.

The ARK deployer

The new platform will provide a solid base blockchain environment for new projects while enabling individuals to focus on application developments .

This will allow for the possibility for younger children to deploy their own blockchains be it to issue currency, play cards, games or learn how to handle value.

According to the ARK team:

“The ARK Deployer v2 provides the base for ARK’s upcoming graphical interface product(GUI version) that will allow for blockchain creation. As the slogan that we’ve been using for some time now suggest. “Point. Click. Blockchain”. Our next major software release will truly bring Point. Click. Blockchain” to life. With a GUI version of our deployer, you will literally be able to have a Push Button Blockchain(as it has been dubbed in the community).”

The Team further stated that:

“We don’t have an exact date for release yet, but it is in the works and is progressing well. We don’t want to give it all away, but our revisited business strategy for this push button blockchain concept will gradually become a base for much of our upcoming business solutions and other new projects we have in the pipeline.”

ARK Deployer blockchain is set to bring some additional improvements like:

  • The ability to specify any default peers for its mainnet and devnet
  • Licensing options in order to automatically update License files
  • A dynamic and static configuration setting.
  • Git commands that will commit and set the remote origin of the codebase to be pushed instantly(with a computer that uses the SSH keys)

According to information coming from the team, this ARK Deployer is able to be configured to a number of delegates including block times, fees and rewards.

The program will be able to deploy the ARK Core testnet in auto-forging mode on a single computer or server. It will also allow for the deployment of ARK Explorer which will be configured and can communicate with the installed ARK Core.

The configuring of the ARK API will be the next step for developers to start exploring, hacking and developing solutions based on the ARK Core infrastructure.


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