REVIEW: the BCHDevcon in Amsterdam delivered some great projects

The Hackathon brought together many developers in Amsterdam

There was a great hackathon in Amsterdam this weekend that was focused on the developments and potential of the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain Network. The event started with an introduction of the Bitcoin Cash protocol and capabilities, this included the presentation of the wormhole and what this new layer is capable of offering. There were developers, programmers, Entrepreneurs and designers from across the globe that were very enthusiastic about the results of this hackathon in Amsterdam. Another exciting layer on top of the Bitcoin Cash protocol was the Money Button that got a lot of developers very excited about its potential applications to the Bitcoin protocol.

Prizes were given to the teams that made some of the most interesting projects on the Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum protocol code base. The teams started building these decentralized applications from scratch, that was based on the new OP code of the BCH Blockchain, this included the usability of larger block sizes, the wormhole protocol, the BCH smart contract, tokenization and coming up with creative ways to use the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain.

Teams were formed on the spot at the event, this made attendees more engaging and free to present their ideas to the public. There was also a scholarship program for developers traveling from abroad, which gave them the freedom to attend the event and present their best projects in Amsterdam.

These are the list of teams and projects that were built during this 32-hour BCH hackathon:

  • BCH VPN, which was focused on creating VPN access by paying with cryptocurrencies
  • SMS money, send money without any internet connection
  • Pandacash
  • RefTrust, an on chain feedback app that uses bitcoin cash using Bitbox
  • HoneyStream,  a video streaming platform that uses Bitcoin Cash with Money Button
  • Pop it
  • Permission token, which issues token through the MoneyButton solution
  • Open Survey
  • Dapp Mapp
  • BlockREP, Distributed Reputation building
  • Trust or Not
  • EventCash, pay your event tickets using Bitcoin Cash

The team Panada Cash took home the first place prize as the team that gave developers the best tools for making more applications to the ecosystem.

BCH Devcon in Amsterdam

The teams had 32 hours to create their winning project, after sessions of brainstorming, playing games and attending workshops. There were also Blockchain experts, creative business-minded individuals like Vincent Everts, designers, programmers and Entrepreneurs among others that were present at the event.

The event was supported by various well-known names in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, like Bitmain, rehive, Holland Fintech,, Blockchain talks, Rotterdam Blockchain community (RBC) and bitcoin magazine NL among others.

An Event that brought the Bitcoin Cash community to another level

The BCH hackathon was focused on the applications that can be developed on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain protocol, especially on the development of wormhole and “money button” applications. In total there were 13 groups that were formed, of which the top 5 projects were selected as the most innovative. The Money Button is a digital currency payment solution that can be implemented into websites and apps that cannot be reversed or blocked with faster transaction confirmation time.

The event was hosted by Nikol Daru who is the marketing manager of and was responsible for the presentation of the event along with Elénore Blanc who is the content and Community Manager at Together they made sure that the event was on point while offering attendees and judges the help and guidance needed to make their best projects.

The BCHDevcon saw the likes of Jiazhi Jiang which is a  Core Developer for the Wormhole, Gabriel Cardona which is a senior developer, Andrew Fai Founder and CEO of OBITO.IO and Amaury Sechet the Lead developer at Bitcoin ABC among others.

Second layer technologies on the BCH Blockchain like the wormhole provide a frictionless market for BCH applications, two-tier security, faster confirmation times while achieving higher degrees of scalability without the need to change the consensus protocol. This makes the BCH Blockchain achieve greater decentralization together with its turning complete programming language smart contract, that rivals the Ethereum smart contract platform.

BCHDevcon in Amsterdam

Developers were able to build new applications based on the OP code(OP_Return), for data storage, and open-source protocols. There were projects that were based on cross-chain concept integration, in order to create an internet of value and expanding the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

The development teams made sure to make applications that could detect, visualize and inspect transactions, blocks, nodes or trading on the BCH Blockchain.

The event consisted of more than a 100 attendees, which included 90 hackers that were active in the development of the applications for both the Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash protocols. There were 13 mentors that helped with aiding the teams and 15 media presenters and judges who were also present at the event.

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