OpenNode releases public beta for the Bitcoin Lightning Network for payment processing

The Lightning Network awakens for cryptocurrency

OpenNode to be released on the bitcoin lightning network and will deliver fast microtransaction.

There is a new platform called OpenNode that has been released on the Bitcoin Lightning Network and is one of the first multi-layered bitcoin payment processors for merchant payments. The news was released today that the public beta will be available for Businesses around the world.

The release of this payment processor will enable a broad user base to start accepting bitcoin both on the Bitcoin Blockchain and via the Lightning Network. Users of the platform will be able to take advantage of fast and instantaneous transactions with low fees and that can be done with the new micropayment model that is present on the Lightning Network using the OpenNode WooCommerce and PrestaShop plugins along with API’s.

The OpenNode team has created a pricing support for more than 6 different fiat currencies on the platform. That will be exchangeable between Bitcoin and other fiat-currencies like The AUD, USD, BRL, EUR, MXN, GBP. The platform is also set to have cryptocurrency exchange support for 25 different countries.

The move towards faster transactions with OpenNode

The OpenNode team has stated that they will continue to learn from the beta testing as the full live version of OpenNode launch approaches. The team is encouraging individuals to give as much feedback as possible in order to improve the system before its official launch while informing them about their individual experiences. This will make the processing of this network to become more resilient and better over time.

opennode network

All feedbacks are vital in making sure the company will continue its development and deliver products and services that individuals and business will love and appreciate. The team can be reached at [email protected] and is ready to answer any questions or concerns an individual or organization may have.

OpenNode will begin to onboard businesses and will continue moving forward with its objectives in order to drive merchant adoption while ensuring that the tools that are being built will improve payment infrastructures that can be used by all businesses and individuals alike.

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