New Ledger manager launches live mobile app version

Crypto Hardware wallet getting an upgrade

The French cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacture that goes by the name LEDGER has recently released a dedicated mobile app. This was in order to make some of its products become more available, as was confirmed in a blog post by the company.

The Ledger live is an application that was previously only available for desktop use and is now available for Android and iOS mobile devices. According to information coming from the blog post, the app will allow users of the Ledger Nano X wallets to use their wallets without the need for cables. The connection will be via the mobile device and a bluetooth connection.

This application will be for holders of the Nano X, while at the sametime those with the older version the Nano S or Ledger Blue can only check their balance information. In the blog post this was mentioned as ‘consultation mode’.

There will be full functionally for users of the device at a later date while users of the Nano S will be able to use an Android phone in order to communicate with their wallets.

The Nano S does not use bluetooth for communication, however users can purchase a USB OTG (on-the-go) cable.

Users of the Nano S will only be able to use an Android smartphone in the future though users will be able to do transactions through the use of OTG cables. In the blog was also explained that:

“We are working on having the same features for the Ledge Live mobile app as the desktop version.”

The Ledger’s app will be able to share some similarities with the competition by offering things such as Trezor’s Bridge interface. The company released its wallet family last year.

However, the Trezor is still currently geared towards desktop users with its app-esque called the ‘Trezor Manager’ which does have a more limited functionality by comparison.

Hardware wallets are starting to increase in popularity through the acknowledgement of savvy investors who are wary of security risks as hot wallets are not always the most secure.

This is the same for cryptocurrency exchanges that have continued to see hacks of user funds. The crypto exchange ‘Binance‘ has just released information on its forthcoming decentralised exchange BinanceDEX and will feature hardware wallet support.


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