Samsung finally requests trademark for a mobile phone cryptocurrency wallet in the U.K

The United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office has received and published Samsung’s request for a trademark for a mobile phone cryptocurrency wallet. This comes just a few days after the South Korean electronics giant refuted rumors that it was planning on developing a mobile phone cryptocurrency wallet.

Although the details posted by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) do not reveal much about Samsung’s intended mobile phone cryptocurrency wallet, the IPO placed Samsung’s request on class nine which holds:

“Smartphones; Tablet computers; Portable computers; Mobile telephones; Computer software; Computer software for use as a cryptocurrency wallet; Computer software for cryptocurrency transfer and payment using blockchain technology; Computer application software for smartphones, namely, software to allow users to transfer cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology and pay via 3rd party’s application software.”

It’s good to note that it is not guaranteed that each time a trademark or patent request is filed, it will result in a tangible product even when the filings are approved.

However, since major mobile phone manufacturers have been expressing an interest in developing a mobile phone cryptocurrency wallet, Samsung may as well follow through with its application.

Other electronics giants that have tried and succeeded in developing mobile phones rotating around cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology include HTC and Sirin Labs.

Sirin Labs, which is based in Israel, is the leader in blockchain mobile phones since, apart from developing just a mobile phone cryptocurrency wallet, it has centered the entire phone on the distributed ledger technology. As such, it allows its user to interact with decentralized applications. Additionally, the blockchain phone from Sirin Labs has an attached, completely independent, hardware wallet.

If the request for a trademark for a mobile phone cryptocurrency wallet is approved, is it likely that Samsung will develop the wallet to keep at par with the competition?

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