HSBC whistleblower to launch cryptocurrency

According to statements coming from Herve Falciani who is a whistleblower from HSBC bank wants to a launch a cryptocurrency token. He wants the technology to have a positive impact on society, while producing positive social standards.

He wants the cryptocurrency to be traceable, as Falciani hopes that the project will be more enticing to regulators, who are not sure about other anonymous cryptocurrencies.

Falciani plans his next crusade, after making stories around the world about his Swiss Leaks that have exposed wealthy tax evaders. This has lead him to embark on a mission to handle anti-fraud activities.

He is now focused on making a foray into the cryptocurrency space by introducing a new traceable token Called Tabu. The token is referred to as an ethical token that will help the prevention of tax fraud, money laundering among other activities.

The project will be worked on and achieved through the help of a certificate which will ensure a ‘clean record’ is put together. Investors will be exposed to the Tabu tokens, which is still waiting for approval from the Spanish regulators.

This blockchain project will change the way people see the technology, as Falciani is a huge believer in the technology. As it is capable of bringing more transparency to the global economic market.

Moreover he also plans on launching a Blockchain-powered system that goes by the name Aletheia. This project is set to provide E-procurement solutions for the public sector and organisations. This application is set to help combat fake invoices that companies have issues with.

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