EOS coin rises in value with new games in development

The development of video games on the EOS Blockchain

Crypto markets together with the EOS coin have been swinging for the past few months as many investors are not sure what to expect from the market. Bitcoin is also, waiting to resume its bullish trend after losing significant gains it made in 2017. However, compared to previous years, bitcoin has not lost much of its value.

The EOS coin and cryptocurrencies, in general, have been suffering from this same sense of not standing good enough in the market. The crypto asset has seen itself push to $4 dollars as it seeks to continue its road to becoming an option to the Ethereum Blockchain network.

There has been a good amount of enthusiasm over the last two weeks coming from EOS traders as the platform’s DApps have been moving successfully because of its strong value increase.

The crypto asset has managed to regain over 30% of its value making some to think the Bitcoin run influenced the move of this crypto asset’s value.

The EOS coin has seen an increase of 3.5% gains in USD value with a 2% gain in the value of BTC. It appears that this trend will be continuing for a while as a sideways trending momentum.

Behind the scenes of EOS, there have been a few very interesting developments taking place with a good example being the development of its new game called “EOSBet”, which is one of the biggest dApps on its blockchain for now.

More games will be added to the platform in the near future and this is set to be a very positive development for the entire ecosystem.

According to Luk Zurski, the EOS team is focused on building a great crypto community and ecosystem as there are lots of individuals who value different qualities in the network.

The EOS push is expect to continue forward with these developments in place.

The developments that have been happening behind the scenes appear to be coming together pretty good though these developments are not expected to impact the price directly as market value and the actual value does not always move linearly. However, the crypto asset is expected to stay within the top 4 marketcap assets for the coming months.

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