CryptoPepe game has launched on the Ethereum Mainnet with great results

The introduction of cryptopepes to Blockchain games

Cryptopepe is a new type of game that is based on the Ethereum Blockchain main net. The Pepe’s are a unique form of game characters, in that they were born with their own characteristics. Each Pepe is completely owned by an individual and is safely stored in a wallet, in order to be played by the owner of that Pepe.

The owner of the Pepe can breed, mine, fight or trade the Cryptopepes on the Ethereum Blockchain and be used to pay each other for goods and services.

The Cryptopepe’s are unique and the ones that are desirable can be collected and put into Cryptopepes custom developed wallets.

The Cryptopepes can be bred, making another Pepe, that will look as similar to the parent Pepe depending on the genes of those pepes. The more rarer the Pepe is the better as they become more valuable than other pepes.

Cryptopepe has been released on the ethereum network

There are currently billions of possible Cryptopepes that can be used in the game, so no one pepe is the same.

The pepes can also be put into battle, the player can battle other players in epic pepe tournament battles. The strength of the pepe is dependent and determined by its DNA. The Cryptopepe battles are expected to start in the third quarter of 2018.

The mining of cryptopepes

Cryptopeps can be mined and players will receive PEP tokens by putting their computers to work during a Cryptopepe rat race. The Cryptopepes system is programmed in such a way that a miner is rewarded 2500PEP every 8 minutes. While every 16th blocks a miner will be able to get a GEN 0 Cryptopepes. Only 1100 GEN 0 pepes can ever be created.

The PEP tokens and Cryptopepe is 100% owned by the player and can be stored away in their personal wallet. The cryptopepes rat race is set to last for 3 months. In which after those 3 months 40 million PEP tokens will have been mined together with 1000 GEN 0 Cryptopepes.

Supporters and programs that are available on the network

The Crytopepes will also support airdrops, bringing in challenges that players will use to gain Cryptopepes. John McAfee is set to support the Cryptopepes project and was hired as a telegram support group operator.

The Cryptopepes is also supported by the cryptofriday organization in Rotterdam which is based in the Netherlands. The Blockchain and cryptocurrency games are gaining momentum and will change the gaming industry as it currently stands.


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