Blockchain project Vulcano makes a successful relaunch

Bitcoin brings the Blockchain to Vulcano

New Blockchain project Vulcano has relaunched

There was a Bitcoin press release that was released reporting that there is a new code base team that will be promoting and developing geothermal energy, called Vulcano which will be breaking new grounds in the Blockchain technology space.

The Vulcano project was abandoned by its original developers and has now been reassembled to make some concrete solutions for businesses with its development processes. The project was previously focused on being a high value staking coin, now the project will be more focused on leveraging the power of the Blockchain technology that will involve researching with earth science. The team has decided to modernize the Vulcano Core on to Bulwark as a code base. PIVX is responsible for the built up of Bulwark, while PIVX is built upon Dash. The Vulcano project has chosen this type of Blockchain network to make the coin on. With the ability of master nodes and its functionality, governance and the integration of dedicated hardware nodes that will be supporting the Vulcano ecosystem.

New Blockchain project Vulcano has relaunched


The code base for this code was released on August 22nd, and was executed on an exchange as a swap, and can now be traded after its relaunch. There are alot of informartion that can be found at the explorer or through the whitepaper, that can be found in seven languages. Vulcano is a member of the Geothermal Resources Council and will be making a longterm commitment with global energy sustainability projects and companies. The Vulcano project is currently working on partnerships with academic institutions in order to fund research into Geothermal and seismic progressions. The Vulcano team is looking forward to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology while looking forward to demonstrating the productive future of cryptocurrencies being used to fund Scientific Research developments.

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There is a lot of energy in the Vulcano project team and community, as this was one of their goals in bringing back the same kind of original growth in the community. The team was led by Jason Brink in the last project. The Vulconao token is currently only traded on and on, they also have a growing community of Telegram and Discord. Users of the website will be able to get assistance for creating a master node.

The Vulcano project is striving for growth and the Vulcano team will dedicate efforts into the research and advancement of technological developments. The Vulcano philosophy is about the development of the cryptocurrency communities moving forward in a way that is consistent with the businesses practices they can bring to the global economy.

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