The Blockchain game ‘Axie Infinity’ has hosted more than 30k battles in its first week

The new Battle-based game went live on the Ethereum main net

Blockchain game Axie Infinity has been progressing on the Ethereum main net

Axie Infinity is a new Blockchain-based collectibles game that features PvP battles, which has been announced and has seen a significant amount of user adoption for the past few weeks. The game is similar to crypto kitties in that it is a collectibles game that allows the users to breed, earn and trade units that will be represented on the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain.

The units are called Axie’s, as it features different strengths and weaknesses that are based on four major stats, these include HP, speed, skills, and morale. The Axie Infinity game stands out apart from other Blockchain games in that it is a battle system to allow the player to pit their Axies against each other in order to earn tokenized trophies and ETH rewards. In addition, the game introduces a P2P marketplace that will drive its internal economy.

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This means that players can earn real money simply by breeding, leveling-up and selling Axies in the game. Those points can then be traded into any other cryptocurrency or fiat currency to be spend.

The Ethereum Network sets up various gaming applications

The registered battle counts on the network so far have gone over 30,000 battles, which is more than 929 ETH worth of P2P sales that has been made in the games marketplace. There were Axie’s that were even sold for 50 ETH’s , which is approximately $10,000 in value.

All the battles that go on in the Axie infinity game are hosted off-chain, which means that decentralized applications like DappRadar, will not represent any daily active users on the platform. The game allows users to play without the need for any transaction fees, while all units and items can be viewed and represented on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The Axie Infinity game has also recently revealed that it has joined the Loom Network (LOOM), which is a Plasma chain private beta that will allow games to scale beyond the current limitations of the Ethereum mainnet.

The Axie Infinity game was officially launched on the 7th of October 2018 and currently stands as one of the most popular Blockchain games today, which is an impressive achievement.

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