An Introduction to the CyberMiles Network

What is the CyberMiles Network

CyberMiles is a HongKong-based blockchain platform that was created through an e-commerce marketplace in the U.S.

This company will be aiming to replace the traditional e-commerce marketplace like Amazon and eBay using smart contract programming. The Cyber network was created based on the Ethereum based network just before the network went mainnet and was launched back in October 2018. The token for the CyberMiles platform will be the CMT token.

Some of the biggest businesses in the E-commerce industry today are Amazon and Alibaba, with reported yearly earnings of $1 trillion between the two companies.

The platform will launch with prior lessons learned from its 5miles project which was necessary in order to build a blockchain-based E-commerce platform that will also be good enough for its competitors.

The CMT cryptocurrency circulating supply will be 800,000,000 out of a total supply of 1,000,000,000 CMT’s. This will leave the rest of the coins for further development and partnerships for the company.

The company raised approximately $30 million in ether and the company got more than 42 percent of its total supply sold in the initial ICO sale.

The CMT token will be developed with mining posibilities through Proof-of-Stake(DPoS) consensus algorithm, with what is correlated to approximately 8 percent of APR staked coins.

Moving an ecosystem with cryptocurrency

CyberMiles will be available on cryptocurrency exchanges like IDCM, Binance, DragonEX, Huobi, Coineal, Bithumb, OKEx and Digifinex. The CMT token can also be stored in the official CyberMiles mobile blockchain wallet application both for iOS and Android.

Cybermiles aims to build networks that will become libraries of smart contracts that will handle every aspect of E-commerce.

Cybermiles aims to improve E-commerce marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Craigslist. As these websites look fairly simple but with complicated methods behind them.

Any company can now move operations or changes to current operations for a better and more efficient way of doing internal and external operations using the power of the blockchain technology.

CyberMiles platform currently has several dApps which includes MetaMask for the CMT token, payment gateways, security tokens, a launchpad together with an OTC exchange which plans to support GUSD and other Stablecoins.

According to its roadmap of 2019, they have plans to upload the entire 5miles database into the CyberMiles Blockchain. As to how over 15 million individuals will react to this method of using their data on a immutable distributed ledger still remains to be seen.

The CyberMiles E-commerce blockchain plans to become a go-to payments clearinghouse for online transactions beyond the traditional P2P marketplace.

CyberMiles blockchain is an ambitious project with a highly skilled technical team in place and the blockchain space is becoming one of the biggest and fastest growing sectors in modern day Business and Economics sector.

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