A New trailer released for the upcoming Film “Crypto”

Hollywood entering the Cryptocurrency phase

A new trailer was released yesterday for a new Cryptocurrency film called “crypto”, a crime thriller film staring Beau Knapp, Kurt Russell, Luke Hemsworth and Directed by John Stalberg Jr.

The trailers shows that the crypto film will be following in the footsteps of an investigation that goes deep with very light movements of various cryptocurrency transactions.

Hollywood has been slowly moving into affiliations with excess crime, conspiracy and cryptocurrency management for the past few months. However, there is surprisingly still very few high-profile movies so far who have been able to show the huge potential and disruptive force of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency have been longing to see a movie that show cases real-world positive scenarios. A crypto film that will show the power of cryptocurrencies and influence political decisions and protect the livelihood of people trapped in troubled monetary systems world-wide.

However, in this phase of the global adoption of cryptocurrencies, even a dark sided film, will bring awareness to individuals, as there is no such thing as bad publicity.

It is still to be seen if “Crypto” will be the film that will showcase just how far the potential of cryptocurrencies will go in the coming years in the global financial system.

How the film is set to align with cryptocurrencies

The trailer shows a bank officer, played by Beau Knapp who is sent to investigate a fishy situation in his hometown. He starts out with the introduction of a currency called “Delta Coin”, which is also a real-world cryptocurrency, also known as Agrello.

Most fans and lovers of cryptocurrencies are hoping for some kind of Byzentine Fault Tolerance pop up or explanation somewhere in the film when it is officially released. Which will actually pin point just why cryptocurrencies are so disruptive and a treating to the global financial system.

The crypto film will see a bank officer as one of the protagonist, who is specifically an anti-money laundering investigator.

Though fans may not be so comfortable with, it does show the real life scenario of how the financial system deals with criminal organisations. The Crypto film trailer does seem to promise a lot of gun play and money laundering activities for entertainment purposes.

The role of Knapp will be to take on a character of a first rounded draft man coming from Wall Street and will be a man with some dark secrets.

Kurt Russell himself will be playing as the main character and will be a mild-mannered farmer dad who faces kidnapping by the villain and gets kicked into action.

The crypto film is said to also have affiliation with Kurt Russell and Steven Seagal, who was in a bizarre and scammy crypto project called Bitcoiin 2nd generation.

The project went through a lot of regulatory warnings and issues just weeks after it went public. The team later left the project as soon as its ICO was finished and went through a bad phase of misunderstanding about the open-source possibilities of the coin.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming crypto film from Hollywood? Do you think they will get it right? Feel free to leave a comment down below


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