Get to understand individual blockchains, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology from this Cryptopedia section. 

Blockchain 101

This subsection of our Cryptopedia section deals with everything you need to know about the blockchain technology, where it is heading to and the achievements it has attained so far. This section also reviews various blockchain projects.

Bitcoin 101

In this Bitcoin 101 subsection, you will get to learn the Genesis of Bitcoin and its benefits. Also, this Cryptopedia section covers the best wallets to store Bitcoin and how it has to lead the way to revolutionalizing finance and the way we look at things. Other educational aspects covered in this Cryptopedia sub-section include mining Bitcoin, security aspects and much more.

Ethereum 101

Our Ethereum subsection provides you with all you need to know about the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. In this Cryptopedia section, you will get to know what Ethereum aims to achieve, how far it has gone to achieving this goal and what we can expect from its future.  

Ripple 101

You will get to understand what Ripple is from this section. Is it centralised as many claim it is? How to buy and store Ripple, Who actually owns Ripple and what is the difference between Ripple and XRP? In this Cryptopedia section, you will also get to who are the powerful minds behind the coin and what to expect from it.

Smart Contracts 101

Thanks to Ethereum, we can now see the blockchain technology is beyond trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum but also it can be used to build trust and also develop applications that run on the blockchain. In this Cryptopedia subsection, you will learn what smart contracts are and how they are and can be applied in the real world. 

Coinmarketcap 101


Our Coinmarketcap section provides you with all you need to know about the biggest cryptocurrency tracking website. In this section, you will get to know what Coinmarketcap is, how coins are being listed on it and how to use it effectively.