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The new Ledger crypto wallet adds Bluetooth connectivity plus other exciting features

Cryptocurrency security has been one of the major concerns for cryptocurrency exchanges and investors. This has caused companies like Ledger to provide high crypto security solutions through their hardware wallets. To make it easy and convenient for users to be able to interact with the devices, the new Ledger crypto wallet now features Bluetooth connectivity plus a host of other features, reported PCMag.

The new device dubbed as the Ledger Nano X was unveiled during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show which was held in Las Vegas on Jan 6. As it seems, Ledger is acknowledging the fact that mobile phones are overtaking computers. Nowadays, desktop and laptop computers are being used less with people embracing smartphones.

The Bluetooth connectivity functionalities of the new Ledger crypto wallet coupled with the Ledger Live Mobile app, provide a seamless interaction between the new Ledger crypto wallet and its user wirelessly.

Among these functionalities include managing transactions and viewing balances in real time. Additionally, With the New Ledger crypto wallet, a computer is not needed when a user wants to add or remove an application.

Other major improvements on the new Ledger crypto wallet include a bigger screen to confirm transactions plus an increase in the storage space.  Unlike with the Ledger Nano S which can directly hold up to 13 crypto assets, the new Ledger crypto wallet can directly support up to 100 crypto assets.

The mobile application for the Ledger Nano X will be available on January 28 on both iOS and Android platforms.

While speaking to Coindesk, Ledger’s CEO said that:

The fact that we have a mobile application and it works with the Nano X is really the big evolution of the hardware for this lineup.

Do you think the new Ledger crypto wallet solves the problem associated with hardware wallets i.e ease of interaction?

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