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Infinito Wallet adds support for Tokensale

Crypto collaboration getting stronger

Collaboration in the Blockchain space has been on the rise in recent months with major crypto and non-crypto companies looking to build projects on the Blockchain.

This has seen Infinito wallet enter a new partnership with Holdex allowing users to participate in crowd sales and receiving funding.

Holdex is a cloud-based platform for token issuance and distribution and the partnership will allow full support for crowdfunding token sales.

According to reports coming from a joint press release, this partnership will seek to implement the Holdex’s decentralised service integration into the Infinito wallet.

The project aims to integrate user communities on the platform while also providing a seamless experience for users with these digital asset. The platform is also set to support token issuance and distribution.

These two companies will also be focused on providing new businesses with acces to blockchain-based finance through Utility Token offerings. The ability to issue UTO’s is becoming more pivotal in the acceleration of the blockchain global adoption.

In an announcement made by Jack Nguyen, the CEO of Infinito:

” We know that only by helping businesses and startups put blockchain into practice, this disruptive technology can fully evolve as it should. Therefore, partnering with Holdex is a significant step for Infinito to not just provide better service for our users but also contribute to the global blockchain ecosystem.”

The CEO of Holdex Vadim Zolotokkrylin also noted that:

“Partnering up with Infinito Wallet is a key milestone in our journey to aid startup financing. While we focus on enabling financing via our infrastructure and network, Infinito and their technology unlock the potential for our projects to reach a massive community of users.”

The Infinito platform has been working to improve user experience by releasing App Square, which is a native dApp browser. The platform has also recently added support for Binance’s DEX along with its native token BNB.

Startups in the Blockchain space have continued to integrate blockchain technologies, while taking down barriers between industries.

The change has been shaping a lot of industry services and operations throughout the years. As the adoption of the Blockchain technology accelerates partnerships like the Infinito wallet and Holdex, we can expect to see a more of companies joining the space.

What are your thoughts on the adoption of the Blockchain technology in traditional industries? Please feel free to leave a comment down below.


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