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New developments from Cardano that will enhance the ADA cryptocurrency

The Cardano coin has had a great week when in comparison with other cryptocurrencies, and it is now becoming the third biggest amongst the top ten cryptocurrencies. Cardano has been constantly working on developing the platform creating a lot of news.

New developments from cardano that will enhance the ADA cryptocurrency


There was recently an input-output from a technology firm called spearheaded by Charles Hoskinson, which is the Founder of Cardano that revealed an audit checkup for a new Icarus project. The company had some reasons to take a third party audit over an internal one as these offered to have a more in-depth look at any bugs that may exist in the system before its official launch. Furthermore the company stated that:

“This ensures our customers and clients have the most secure wallet we can provide.”

A very vocal personality in the crypto industry is Charles Hoskinson, he spoke a few days ago about the EOS project raising more capital than Cardano in terms of funding. According to Hoskinson the amount of capital that is raised has nothing to do with the success of the cryptocurrency, as he stated further that:

“It’s kind of funny that the number two cryptocurrency raised 18 million to get where it’s at and the number one cryptocurrency raised nothing. So if you think that, there is strong evidence in the space. The amount of money you raise doesn’t really have a lot to do with your ability to succeed.”

Charles also spoke about the company’s relationship with hyperledger and complimented their products. He later went on to say that Sawtooth and Fabric are two great projects and gave thanks to the Head of the Fabric project saying that:

“They’re led by Christian Cash and he’s also the head of the IACR and he’s a good guy to have dinner with and he’s one of the world’s top experts in distributed systems. In fact, if you ever take a course on the topic you’re probably either gonna read his book or Nancy Lynch’s book. Nancy’s at MIT.”

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