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The company AI Crypto revealed new Dapp that will be listen on Bitforex

AI and cryptocurrencies are quickly getting combined

There is a company called AI crypto (AIC) that is doing a Blockchain project that is changing the connection between AI and digital assets. This announcement was made on the 8th of October 2018, which started giving commercial recognition to the worlds first Dapps. The AI Crypto company is developing a technology that will be applied to a GPU distribution process to all mining pools in order to connect Blockchains with GPU’s for the application of artificial intelligence developments.

AI Crypto Dapps

Nowadays, GPU’s can be used for deep learning in order to pay high fees, while the profitability of mining pools that are using GPU’s get lower. The price difference between them can go as much as 50 times higher. For developers who are into the Deep Learning processes, GPU’s will be offered at a lower price, which will help to gain a higher profitability in mining pools.

Companies explore the financial technology industry

The developments and performance of technologies have been shown to have a one-tenth of the competitive price with a better time efficiency compared to an AI deep-learning service that is provided by a global enterprise called Amazon AWS, and the company already has a 100,000 GPU’s that is set in place for use.

The AIC has partnered with the Shinhan Financial Group and has increased sales of up to $ 30 billion. The company has also managed to acquire over 20 companies like AI, VR, and PinTech as new customers of the service. According to an analysis of the GPU service market for deep learning the market size will grow to an estimated $2 billion in 2018 and a $7 billion by the year 2023.

The AIC project has attracted over 100,000 participants with investors from around the globe, and it will be listed on Bitforex, which is one of the worlds most larges trading volume exchange.

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