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The Alchemist Blockchain TechStars will start using accelerator programmes

The Blockchain bringing new projects

There was an interview that covered two spokespeople, Yossi Hassen and Steven Nerayoff about the new project called the Alchemist Blockchain Techstars Accelerator programme. This programme will place its self as the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, which hosted more than 4.000 events. The company has operations in more than 150 countries and offers mentorship from more than 10.000 people. The Alchemist is a full-service Blockchain advisory and investment company that will focus on the adoption of tokens sales and end-to-end product development of the Blockchain applications.

In an interview with Hasson who is the managing director of the Techstar company together with Nerayoff who is the founder and CEO at the Alchemist. He thinks that the Ethereum white paper was well written and so he sets out to go meet with Vitalik Buterin to help the team with some funding. After the team did more than 50 company assessment a formal structure of advisory was made.

In the interview, Hasson stated that:

“Companies have raised an unprecedented amount of capital so as a proven(proof-of-concept) what we’ve seen so far is that tokenization is an extremely efficient and effective way to raise capital yet into true usability, true adoption, and true scale. If you think about what an accelerator like TechStars and a combination of Alchemist is, you are taking the years of experience of what it takes to accelerate and grow.”

The company Techstars is the accelerating program that is focused on helping companies build and scale businesses effectively, as today’s crypto economics brings in Capital and resources are no longer scarce. The team thinks that this will be more beneficial for businesses and startups than an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The company has thousands of mentors and advisors at TechStars program and is ideal for the projects that need a business in the market and to be successful.

Making a Multibillion-dollar industry

The Techstars and Alchemist company is looking to build with teams and individuals with an immense amount of vision. Diversity has also been one of the key elements in the approach towards including people in the Blockchain technology space.  The Blockchain industry is still mostly male-dominated, but this has been changing fast over the past years, as startups bring in new founders.

The Alchemist will be hosting a Women’s only event hackathon in order to expand and find a healthy balance in the industry.  This event will be focused on extending beyond the Blockchain and give women with a technical background the chance to help create something on the Blockchain.

All applications for the entre to the Alchemist Techstars will be available until the end of October. The programme will be a 13-weeks mentorship-driven accelerator programme that is structured in three key phases. The first phase will be about one month long and will be a place to meet with advisors or mentors for information and feedback on the projects. The second phase which will be the following month is focused on traction and the building of products or services.

The project teams will be taking information like the token design and regulatory structures of a project for a customer while learning how to scale a team and earn capital for the company. The third phase of this project will be in the third month and will be focusing on taking the two phases and crafting a story in order to attract users or investors.

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