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Storing Private Keys in DNA with the Blockchain technology

Private keys technology can go a long way

Carverr a biotechnology firm will be developing an innovative new method to store private keys in synthetic deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).

Having control over the private keys in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, give the ability to the holder to, properly store and secure their funds. Carverr will have a five vials with DNA sequences pegged to the private keys.

DNA stores the entire genome of all living organisms, and is the oldest form of memory storage we know of. A Scientist can create synthetic DNA in the lab and store these information on it, storing in the four nucliotides A,C,G, and T.  Since memory is stored as binary on a computer 0 (zero’s) and 1 (one’s), Scientists will give each nucleotide a transcribed binary value. Private keys are broken down into bianry code, and gets transposed into DNA format.

This gives DNA data an extra level of security, because even if someone steals the vial containing the private key. They would have to also have access to Carverr’s provided code in order to decode the sequences. The core of DNA will always exist with the same four nucliotides, digital data however will change over time. The user of the provided service can send encrypted private keys to Carverr instead of unencrypted private keys.

Using the data capacity for Blockchain through private keys

The ability to store data in synthetic DNA make a huge impact on the way data can be stored and transfered. A thousand petabytes (1000PB) equals one terabyte, this kind of capacity is able to store the entire human history in a single vial.

DNA can be broken down by sunlight, bacterial contamination and heat, that means it must be stored in a dark and cold freezer. Private keys do not require a lot of data, approximately 1 kilobyte is needed in order to store it. This means that the DNA equivalent would be as small in size or memory.

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