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Netflix for professionals is the name of a new project that helps individuals learn technology

Blockchains in the educational system

The Blockchain project that goes by the name Education Ecosystem is developing a decentralized online network that will be based on learning. The program is called LiveEdu which will make people learn how to build product categories like cryptocurrency, programming and artificial intelligence among other technologies.

This new project will be called “Netflix for professional development” and will be focused on intermediate to advanced levels of individuals trying to improve on their learning skills. There was a survey of the industry that suggested that money spent on global developments was approximately $359.3 Billion in 2016 and peaked at $362.2 billion back in 2017.

The LiveEdu platform will be featuring intermediates and experts in the field of teaching to inform about the future developments of technology from experienced colleagues. The project’s platform will also include game developments, cybersecurity, data science, augmented reality and virtual reality.

The project plans on showing how developers create projects and products, making it easier for learners to grasp technical analysis and strategies. This is why the Education Ecosystem LiveEdu decided to implement a place where developers and users can meet.  The goal of the company is to provide a program that will be full of practical examples that an individual can use to improve the skills that are on-demand these days. Founder and CEO of the Educational Ecosystem Dr. Michael j. Garbade made a statement saying that:

“We believe learning from real projects is a practical and efficient way for professionals and students to improve their skills and make even more money in their careers.” 

The Educational system that the company will be bringing is the integration of a key component, which is the Education Token(LEDU). This is the new token that will be used for the LiveEdu platform which is based on the ERC-20 token protocol of the Ethereum Blockchain network.

LEDU tokens are currently available on exchanges like BitForex, Exrates, Mercatox, and the IDEX. The LEDU token will be used in order to pay for financial transactions in the ecosystem and be used to reward learners, creators, and developers of the ecosystem.

 Millions of users needed for the project

The development of this program began back in 2015 and then went by the name ‘, which at the time had a lot of video content that was related to programming. After 2 years the platform was renamed ‘LiveEdu’, expanding the current topic of the platform to a wider audience. This pushed the token sales of the platform to start in February of 2018.

The company is focused on making B2B and B2G sales in the future and has a release date in late 2019.  according to data, the LiveEdu was used by more than 200 countries since its inception. The number of streams reportedly exceeded more than 13,000 and have created over 200,000 videos. The project is constantly adding new features on a per week basis, This will move forward as the company will build some of the largest projects for individuals to learn on the internet.

The LiveEdu platform will expand in 2019 and will include more business like colleges, Universities and online educational platforms. The company is also currently observing companies like Pluralsight, Udemy together with a few other potential partners, with the goal of making them distribution channels for the LiveEdu project via its API.  The company can also be seen in the roadshow throughout North America and attending the Blockshow in Las Vegas, the token Fest in Bosten and Blockchain in Seattle.

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