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A former Barclays security specialist to conduct live cryptocurrency hacking sessions on 15th

Rob Pope, a former security specialist at Barclays, HSBC, and the London Metropolitan Police Department, will conduct live cryptocurrency hacking sessions in a bid to enlighten budding cryptocurrency investors and traders on how best to safeguard their digital wealth.

During his previous job posts, Pope was tasked with ethically finding flaws in a system. The security specialist is now the CTO and co-founder of Dogtown media, a mobile technology company.

The live cryptocurrency hacking sessions will happen during this year’s South By South West (SXSW) conference and festival which is held yearly in Austin, Texas.

This year, the conference runs from March 8 to March 17 and brings together a global audience interested in technology, music, and film. SXSW is dubbed as the world’s largest event in film, music, and technology.

According to a press release:

In Pope’s SXSW session, he will examine why this false sense of security exists with blockchain technology. He’ll also show attendees why cryptocurrency is not as secure as the general public believes with a live hacking demonstration of how hackers are able to steal cryptocurrency. Pope will also cover processes and protocols which can be used to properly protect crypto users.

The information contained in the press release concerning the live cryptocurrency hacking sessions does not contain the details of the hacking sessions. However, a keen interrogation of the press release captures Rob blaming the weak blockchain encryption methods for the loss of over 15 billion U.S dollars worth of virtual currency.

Pope’s live cryptocurrency hacking sessions will take place on March 15 and presumably touch on how key loggers are being used by unethical hackers to cause misery to crypto users.

Do you think the live cryptocurrency hacking sessions will help crypto users to improve the security of their digital wealth?

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